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Past events
ECR Day @ Panpapanpalya: Joint Dance Congress, 2018, Adelaide, Australia

A half-day event that brought together 27 emerging dance researchers from across the globe on the eve of Panpapanpalya Joint Dance Congress. Find out more here.

Lunchtime session @ WDA Global Summit, 2017, St. John’s, Canada

An informal session to bring ECRs together early in the conference. This early meeting led to further conversations throughout the conference.

Session @ WDA Asia Pacific Conference, 2015, Singapore

This session invited experienced dance researchers to give us the scoop on publishing. Our guest speakers were Associate Professor Cheryl Stock AM, Dr Stephanie Burridge, and Dr Urmimala Sarkar Munsi. There were also cupcakes.

ECR Day at Panpapanpayla Joint Dance Congress 2018