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Hello, my name is...

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Hello, my name is...

I am [thinking about doing research/undertaking a research degree/a recent or not so recent graduate from a research degree].

My research interests are...

I have joined the ECR Community Forum because...

You can find me [on Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Instagram/at my website/etc.]

Hello, my name is Anja.

I am a somewhat recent graduate from a research degree. My PhD was conferred in 2016 and at the moment I am on a research contract in the Australian ballet industry.

My research interests are everything dance audiences: reception, engagement, enrichment. I've also worked on projects on professional dancer career transition, and ballet for older adult health.

I have joined the ECR Community Forum because I created it (with Sarah), but also because it's a really cool opportunity to seek the knowledge of my ECR peers. I'm trying to negotiate this early career researcher space and will take all the help I can get!

You can find me on Twitter @AnjaAliHaapala


Hello, my name is Lucinda Coleman

I have recently graduated with a PhD from the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts  (2017) and currently work as the Dance Maker with the Australian dance theatre collective, Remnant Dance (

My research interests include contemporary dance, choreography, ethical arts practice, cross-cultural collaborations, dance films, site-specific dance work and social justice arts.

I have joined the ECR Community Forum because I'm interested in connecting with other dancers, makers, creatives, researchers, academics, writers, artists, collaborators . . .

You can find me via the Remnant Dance website, or on Facebook.

Hello, my name is...Julie Mulvihill

I am a recent graduate of Texas Woman's University with a PhD in Dance Theory and Practice. I love making dances with other people and exploring together what it means to be human in relationships with others.

I am interested in collaboration and what it means to work together in creative process. Connecting to theories of Relational Being, power and personal/cultural dynamics,and somatic practices,as well as my own dance practice and the contributions of other practitioners, I am interested in communication and relationship cultivation in group creative processes. 

I have joined the ECR Community Forum because I am excited to exchange with others out in the world who are interested in dance practice and research and what we can do with and for it!

You can find me on facebook and on my website:

Hello Lucinda and Julie - welcome!